The appearance of fine and thick lines which are called facial wrinkles, is a sign of aging and creates sense of getting older. Humans naturally desire to be beautiful, that’s why throughout the history we have been striving to find a solution for this problem.

Lots of these lines are dynamic and are caused by repeatedly contracting of face’s muscles, and are mostly between the brows (frown line), forehead, neck and around the eyes (Crow feet).

Today, the best treatment to reduce or eliminate these lines is injecting Botulinum Toxin or Botox. Botox is a protein substance that has been used by nerve specialists for almost half a century to remove muscle spasm and treat migraine, and many experiments has done in order to beautifying the face and eliminating wrinkles.

Injecting a specific and standard amount of this substance can temporarily paralyze the muscles for 4-5 months and for this reason muscle contraction will also be temporarily hindered. It’s natural that gradually the effect of the medicine fades and with the strengthening of the muscles, the wrinkles will return to its previous condition.

Botox is also used to “lift” the brows.

Currently, there are a variety of Botox products being sold that are made in different countries.



Ən çox oxunanlar

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