Dr. Shahram Alibalazadeh MD

Dr. Shahram Alibalazadeh – MD, skin and hair diseases. Specialist in laser, mesotherapy, hair and eyebrows restoration


Dr. Shahram Alibalazadeh MD

Dr. Shahram Alibalazadeh- MD, skin and hair diseases

  • Graduated from Shahid Beheshti Medical University (Tehran) in 1994
  • Member of the Mesotherapy Association of Australia and Oceania
  • Specialist in Laser, Mesotherapy, Hair and Eyebrows Restoration
  • Having over 30 years experience in diseases of the skin, hair and aesthetics
  • Trained in various courses in aesthetics in a variety of countries
  • Using the most up-to-date technology, latest facilities and equipment, and first-class raw medical materials 


Our services

Beauty comes first

Hair restoration

Currently the only cure for hair loss is using natural hair restoration. Hair restoration can be used on different areas.


Mezoterapiya xüsusi iynə ucları ilə tətbiq olunan inyeksiya prosedurudur.


Blepharoplasty is an operation performed to change the shape of the eyelids.


The procedure removes pores, scars on the skin, as well as post-acne blemishes.


One of the best and safest methods to eliminate deep facial wrinkles, make cheeks prominent and eliminate hollowness under the eyes is Lipotransfusion.


Botox is a protein substance that has been used by nerve specialists for almost half a century to remove muscle spasm and treat migraine.


Women have long used acupuncture to get rid of wrinkles. This is an excellent alternative to surgery.


Fillers injection is one of the methods that eliminates deep wrinkles and plumps the lips.


PRP «Platelet Rich Plasma» means «Platelet-enriched plasma».

Our procedures

Eyebrow restoration



Eyebrow restoration

Natural hair restoration

Natural hair restoration


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