Fillers injection is one of the methods that eliminates deep wrinkles and plumps the lips. 

In this method, substances that have the most compatibility with the body (double crossed linked) are injected into a layer of skin or under the skin which causes volume in the sub-cutaneous space and therefore fills deep wrinkles and creates fuller lips.

Fillers are gel-like substances that are used to give volume and beautify the face, and they generally consist of Poly Acril Amids or Hyaluronic Acid or other substances similar to that.

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural component of the skin and other tissue membranes, so the risk of being sensitive towards it is low and no test will be necessary before injecting the fillers. 

The effect is not permanent because the injected gel will dissolve and be absorbed throughout time. The effect remains between 10 months to a year, but since there is more movement and blood circulation in the lips, it remains for 6-8 months.

Due to the limitation of time that it remains and its homogeneity with body tissues, these gels will not leak into the other areas.

The gel is injected after local anesthesia, and the injection is done under sterile condition.

It is advised to stay away from high temperatures (sauna, Jacuzzi, facial steaming), eating hot food, putting pressure on or injuring the injected area for 10 days following the injection.



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