Mesotherapy is a kind of therapy that can help you to lose fat accumulation in certain areas, get rid of cellulites and other blemishes without the need for surgery.

Even though this method has been used in Europe, especially France, for over 70 years, it has only recently been used in our country, Iran. American doctors started using this method in 1999.

In this technique, a little amount of medicine, vitamins and supplementary elements is injected either into the fat or one of the layers in the skin called the mesoderm.

Mesotherapy originates from France, where Dr. Michael Pistor first came up with the idea in 1952. He realized that when a little bit of medicine is injected in an area, into the mesoderm, blood circulation in that area is increased, lymphatic drainage is boosted, and fat accumulation within certain areas is eliminated. From 1952 till present, around 25 000 doctors all around the world use Mesotherapy as their preferred therapy method for such purposes.

Till recently, if anyone wanted to do any non-surgical and non-invasive beauty procedure, they had to travel to a foreign country, but now with the dedication and hard-work of doctors in our very own land, the knowledge of it has expanded and the procedure is easily available to our fellow citizens at comparatively lower cost. I would like to express gratitude to the hard-working and sympathetic doctors for their contribution in this regard.

Patients who have chosen liposuction as their preferred method can use mesotherapy instead as a non-surgical therapy method.

20% of patients report a fast decrease in weight and size by Mesotherapy, but it should not be considered as a method to lose weight. People who are overweight will see better results following a proper diet and exercise regimen.

The remaining 80% report a slow but noticeable change; however, again a proper diet and exercise regimen should be followed.

As earlier mentioned, mesotherapy does not only eliminate fat contained within certain areas and cellulites (orange-peel skin), but considerably eliminates the following imperfections;

  1. Prevents skin sagging and pre-mature skin aging (Face, neck and body).
  2. Lifts and rejuvenates the face,  and decreases fine lines
  3. Decreases hair loss and boosts hair re-growth
  4. Gets rid of the puffiness under the eyes caused by fat being collected in the area
  5. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks
  6. Eliminates double chin

The number of sessions and the interval between each session depends on the kind of blemish and its severity. The doctor will decide on the sessions, but are usually between 4-10- possibly even more.  Like any other therapy methods, to reach maximum results the entire sessions must be done, but most patients experience results after 3-4 sessions. 

Overall, Mesotherapy is a safe method that has no need for hospitalization, anesthesia or even local anesthesia. Furthermore, the pain from the injection is trivial and tolerable. 


Some patients do experience some slight side effects that are reversible and completely tolerable. Most side effects, such as; itching, a burning sensation, fatigue and sometimes bruises, fade after several hours or 2-4 days.

There are some things to consider 24 hours before doing this procedure; for example, aspirin or any anti-coagulant medicine should not be taken. There isn’t much to do after Mesotherapy, except not washing the treated area for 24 hours. It is also not necessary to rest and the patient can immediately go back to their daily life events. 

Most patients ask:

“Is the effect permanent?”

Along with the treatment if you follow a proper diet and exercise regimen, the effect usually lasts for a long time, but aging cannot be prevented and will therefore have its own negative effects. For this very reason, all patients should, even after getting the desired result, refer to the doctor every 6 months for other sessions to maintain the results. 

Dr. Shahram Ali Balazadeh

Holding an International Certificate of Mesotherapy from France

Member of Mesotherapy Council in Australia



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