One of the best and safest methods to eliminate deep facial wrinkles, make cheeks prominent and eliminate hollowness under the eyes is Lipotransfusion.

In Lipotransfusion, local anesthesia is applied and all is done under sterile conditions. By using special equipment, adequate amount of live fat tissue from the patient will be removed and injected after getting the fat tissue cells ready.

The injected area will become inflamed and bruised .The bruise will fade away in 5 to 7 days but the inflammation might remain for 2 weeks and on the third week the face will go back to its normal condition.

Since fat from the patient’s body is used, there are fewer side effects, more natural result, and no reaction or sensitivity towards the fat. The effect of Lipotransfusion remains longer than Fillers. It usually remains for over a year.

The fat can be used to fill in frown lines, nasolabial lines, lines around the lips and mouth, make the cheeks prominent and eliminate hollowness under the eyes.

It is advised to stay away from high temperatures (sauna, Jacuzzi, facial steaming…) eating hot food, putting pressure on or injuring the injected area for 10 days following the injection.



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